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Fertipil Plus PCOS, your fertility partner since 2006, giving you a better chance to fall pregnant naturally!






We are DB PHARMACEUTICALS a division of TARA PHARMACEUTICALS, the developer, manufacturer and distributor of natural medicine which opened its doors in 2006. In conjunction with Tara Pharmaceuticals we focus on distribution of several products:

  • Fertipil Plus PCOS (a product which focusses on PCOS support and insulin resistance)
  • Fertipil Plus for Women (a fertility enhancing supplement in women)
  • Fertipil Plus for Men (a fertility enhancing supplement in men)
  • Fertivor (a product which amongst other things was designed to support women who are struggling with issues related to ovulation and infertility).
  • Pregnapil Plus (a maternity supplement)
  • Prostavor (a natural prostate wellness product)
  • Lungshield (a product which focuses on promoting and protecting the lungs)
  • Menopil Plus (a natural product designed to assist women during menopause)
  • StressNoMore (a natural stress, anxiety and sleeplessness reliever)

Our main aim in as far as Fertipil Plus PCOS is concerned is to make women aware that there is a healthy and alternative product on the market which focuses on supporting women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance. Many women struggle to fall pregnant after being diagnosed with PCOS, we believe that our product improves women with PCOS’ chances of falling pregnant.


It is our mission and goal to strive to be the best on the natural medicine market through constant research and the optimal formulation of our products but keeping our products at an affordable price.

Through market research we have ascertained that women tend to disregard natural medicine when it comes to infertility and in this case PCOS. The ingredients contained in Fertipil Plus PCOS have been subjected to studies which have shown the beneficial value of these ingredients for women who are unable to fall pregnant as a result of PCOS.

The alternative is prescription medication that includes clomiphene citrate (better known as Clomid). Whilst Clomid has shown some positive results it does have negative side-effects as well. We recommend that women take Fertipil Plus PCOS if not on its own then in conjunction with Clomid to increase your chances of falling pregnant.


The information provided on this website is intended to provide helpful informative material regarding our products but is not intended to provide medical advice or substitute medical advice and/or treatment by your physician or healthcare professional. All content is provided (and products sold) with the understanding that the author, publisher and or DB Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or even death as a result of the readers choice not to follow the terms set out in this disclaimer. If you require any medical assistance or advice we advise that you first consult with your healthcare professional and use the products on this website under his/her guidance. You are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as set out above in the event that you make use of our services, support and information.

Any and all information provided by any representative of DB Pharmaceuticals regarding any of its products on any of its platforms including on this website or any other website, Facebook or Instagram is intended to provide supportive information and should not replace the advice provided by your healthcare professional.

DB Pharmaceuticals’ products consist of plant and vitamin based ingredients which have been well documented and studies in independent studies for general support and health. The products are not intended to treat or cure any medical condition and the safety and efficacy of the products have not been evaluated by SAHPRA.

All information, images, logos, formulations of products and designs form part of DB Pharmaceuticals’ intellectual property and any distribution, copying and passing off of such information and/or images and/or formulations and/or logos is strictly prohibited. DB Pharmaceuticals reserves its rights to institute appropriate action against any person who contravenes the terms of our intellectual property disclaimer.